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Motion and Manipulation in Mass Spectrometry – MDC Supplies Critical Vacuum Components for PHI nanoTOF II TOF-SIMS

October 18, 2017

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC has had the pleasure of working with Physical Electronics (a subsidiary of ULVAC-PHI, the world’s leading supplier of UHV surface analysis instrumentation) supplying them with catalog in-vacuum motion and manipulation products for their revolutionary nanoTOF II Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (TOF-SIMS). The nanoTOF II provides sensitivity, low spectral background, and […]

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Are Magnetic Fields Interfering with Your Process? Get Superior Magnetic Shielding with Mu-Metal Chambers from MDC!

August 29, 2017

BESPOKE VACUUM CHAMBER DESIGN & MANUFACTURE Located in Milton Keynes, UK, the MDC Vacuum Limited EU (MDC EU) division of MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, serves as an integral part of our worldwide network and upholds MDC’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With over 25 years’ experience, MDC EU is able to offer services for every stage of […]

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Vacuum Technology Driving Hyperloop Forward – MDC & ISI Sponsor UW-Madison BadgerLoop Team in SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

February 16, 2017

In the summer of 2016, MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, was approached by the University of Wisconsin–Madison BadgerLoop hyperloop pod team ( with a sponsorship opportunity. BadgerLoop is a student organization team that was created in preparation for the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. MDC Vacuum Products and their Insulator Seal (ISI) division, were thrilled to donate the […]

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MDC Spherical UHV Chamber – Progressing Fusion Energy Science at the University of Washington

January 24, 2017

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, recently had the opportunity to design and manufacture a 60” spherical ultra-high vacuum chamber for Professor Setthivoine You and his team of researchers at the University of Washington ( This was both an exciting and challenging manufacturing job that allowed MDC to contribute to new and important research. The goal of this […]

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Joining Dissimilar Materials for Harsh Environments

June 14, 2016

To reliably service harsh environments, functional assemblies often depend upon a set of properties selected from more than one material. Excluding fasteners, assemblies fashioned of dissimilar materials are typically formed utilizing high temperature processes such as diffusion bonding, brazing and welding. The challenge of designing such products are multifaceted and require consideration not only of […]

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