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March 21, 2018

Accelerate your vacuum pump-down time with MDC’s new CryoXcel™ cryogenic vacuum pumps! CryoXcel™ cryopumps from MDC Vacuum Products, LLC are state-of-the-art completely self-contained compact cryogenic water vapor pumps. Using our unique Stirling cryocooler design, they do not require separate helium compressors and gas lines. This enables fast, simple, and painless pump to tool integration at the lowest possible cost. It significantly reduces power and footprint space making for excellent high and ultra-high vacuum system integration.


CryoXcel™ Cryopumps from MDC Vacuum Products
Fast pump down is an effective way to reduce production costs and improve product quality. Paired in-line with the more compact turbo and mechanical pumps with pumping speeds in the 70 to 12,000 L/s range, MDC’s CryoXcel™ provides up to 50% faster pump down times not achievable with turbo and mechanical pumps alone to achieve HV / UHV vacuum levels. Our CryoXcel™ cryopumps can also be applied in an in-situ configuration as well. Drive your process forward with MDC ’s new CryoXcel™ water vapor cryopumps!





• Single & Dual Stage Water Vapor Cryopump Models – CryoXcel™ I (Single Stage), CryoXcel™ II (Dual Stage), CryoXcel IV (Dual Stage x 2)
• Stirling Cryocooler Technology – 3.0 to 20W @ 150 K (Exact Cooling Power and Temperature Range Dependent on Model)
• Capable of Pumping SO2, NH3, Cl2, CO2, N2O, H2S, Br2, and I2 In Addition to Water Vapor
• Available in Del-Seal™ CF, KF, and ISO Flange Configurations from DN40 to DN320
• Pair In-line with Compact Turbo and Mechanical Pumps (Pumping Speeds In The 70 To 12,000 L/S Range)
• Can be Applied in an In-situ Configuration
• CryoXcel™ I Regenerates Using Built-in Heating Element and Includes an Analog Control Interface
• Regeneration for CryoXcel™ II and CryoXcel™ IV Achieved Through Reverse Stirling Mode to Heat Cryopanel and are Equipped with Digital Control Interfaces



• Up To 50% Faster Pump-down Times Not Attainable with Turbo and Mechanical Pumps Alone to Achieve HV / UHV Vacuum Levels
• Cryogen Free
• Unique, Fast, and Safe Built-in Regeneration
• Energy Saving / Highly Efficient
• Excellent Water Vapor Reduction and Control at HV / UHV Levels
• Self-contained – No External Compressor or Hoses
• Clean Room Compatible
• Extends Life of Getter Pumps by Removing Water Vapor Gas Loads
• Cryo-dry Materials